Bayou Bengal by Tin Roof Brewing

Bayou Bengal is a collegiately licensed lager, brewed specifically for the Louisiana State University Tigers, in their hometown of Baton Rouge, LA by  Tin Roof Brewing.


Bayou Bengal Facts:

Bayou Bengal is dubbed a “Premium American Lager” by Tin Roof, and while it wasn’t spectacular, it did taste better than most generic lagers that you would find at your local gas station. Besides tasting better than your normal lager, this beer was pretty basic overall, something that could be used for beer pong or other drinking games without breaking the bank. Tin Roof has Bayou Bengal listed at 4.5% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) and only 10 IBUs, so you can expect this beer to be smooth and easy drinking. Nutrition wise I can not find information on the calories and what not, because Tin Roof does not have them listed on their website; I apologize if this inconveniences you.

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Bayou Bengal Flavors:

This pale lager derives its flavors from a high-quality German Pilsner malt. The malt gives the beer flavors of bread, malt, and light honey. Tin roof uses Hallertauer hops to give it’s LSU themed beer a slight herbal taste as well. However, during my video review I could not taste anything remotely herbal/hoppy in this brew. However I did taste a clean and crisp malty/bready lager that fit the description provided by Tin Roof and matched my expectations for what I thought it would taste like. Overall I though this beer was pretty decent, and was something that I would drink again, and or use for a college party. So if you are in Louisiana and haven’t tried Bayou Bengal, I recommend that you do.

Tin Roof Brewing Company was started by two childhood friends with a passion for beer and a desire to create their own Southern, handcrafted brand. ~ Tin Roof Brewing



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