Bell’s Pooltime Ale

Bell’s Pool Time Ale is an ale unlike any other I have ever tasted. It is everything I could have asked for when it comes to a beer. It is so good, that if Paul Revere were still alive, he would run through the streets of America announcing this amazing seasonal beer’s return upon the release of its first batch.

With a quick synopsis about the beer, we can tell you that it is %5.2 alcohol by volume (abv), and has a six month shelf life. It has 191 calories, 21 carbs, and is only brewed in the month of May. Being only available in May makes this beer rather hard or nearly impossible to find later in the year. Pooltime Ale is only available on draft or in 12oz cans, and is best served in a Nonic. You can get a Nonic here!

Flavor wise, Pooltime Ale provides it’s drinker with a subtle tartness, with a classic wheat ale taste. Hints of clove also appear in the flavor profile, but what really sells it is the mouthfeel. Pooltime ale has a wonderfully smooth mouth feel that we want to describe as ‘buttery’; we aren’t sure what else to say about how smooth this beer actually is when it hits your tongue. So if you are looking for a sweet, tart, and fruity light beer Pooltime ale will quench your thirst.

A part of the reason that Bell’s Pooltime Ale is so good, is because of where they garner their superior ingredients.

The truly distinguishing feature is the use of 100% Montmorency tart cherries grown in the Traverse City region of Michigan.

The Montmorency tart cherries that Bell’s uses give the beer a delectable, tart flavor on top of the great flavor it already has. This fruity beer is the perfect beer to enjoy during any of your summer time activities, especially going to the pool.

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